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Housing near UCLA

UCLA http://www.ucla.edu/ is one of the popular choices for both domestic and international students.

Besides the good academic programs, I enjoyed the campus environment and selected restaurants. Kerckhoff Coffee House was my favor on the campus, and I would like to study there while drinking a cup of coffee.

Have you considered the housing needs in advance if your family members are planning to go to UCLA for undergraduate, graduate, or profession education? The demand for housing near campus area is considered high, and students may not need to drive if they live close to the campus.

Parents of international students may consider buying one for your children since they may stay there fromĀ  4 to 8 years depending on the academic programs they are in. They may lease a room to classmates as an investment return for you. Please see some condo listings near UCLA for your reference:



Is the Housing Market Bottoming Out? What do you think?

There is no straight answer, and people have different opinions. Take a look and leave me your comments.


2nd city: Santa Monica

Santa Monica, what an exciting city with beach life, shopping, nice houses, good schools and college education. http://www.smgov.net/

I have been to Santa Monica College (“SMC”) for a summer school, and I like the campus. If your goal is to transfer to UCLA as a junior, SMC is one of the good choices. www.smc.edu

$1-$5 million houses: http://www.mrmlsmatrix.com/DE.asp?k=1000950XPEV7&p=DE-108118201-947

Please feel free to email me @ jeff.kwong@hotmail.com if you want more information about campus life at SMC or UCLA or housing listings.

Recommendations of houses in 10 cities: 1st one: Beverly Hills

I am going to introduce 10 cities in Southern California and will share the listings from $1-5 million range. The brief introductions are below:

1) Beverly Hills (well-known city in the world; reflecting prestige status; in a short distance to University of California Los Angeles [UCLA])
2) Santa Monica (diversified community; ocean & beach, very good schools; Santa Monica College; close proximity to UCLA)
3) Arcadia (new homes with very good schools in the city; education as a priority for children)
4) San Marino (excellent school district)
5) Hermosa Beach (enjoy beach life and ocean)
6) Manhattan Beach (enjoy beach life and ocean)
7) Palos Verdes Estates (good ocean views; also with very good schools in the city)
8) Irvine (diversified city with good schools, multi-cultures, mixed business, new homes, University of California Irvine [UCI])
9) Newport Beach (ocean, private dock for your own boat)
10) Huntington Beach (waterfront, enjoy boating with your own dock)

Listings: http://www.mrmlsmatrix.com/DE.asp?k=1000950XPEV7&p=DE-107753452-813

Please visit the website of the City of Beverly Hills for more information: http://www.beverlyhills.org/

MBA graduates: startups or traditional jobs?

What’s your preference after business school?



Protections to tenants in California

As a real estate investor, it is good to understand the laws and rules about tenant relationship. If a purchase transaction is short sale or REO, the costs of eviction and repairs may be evaluated further.


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