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Good resources for U.S. exporters & Asian importers (Ex-Im Bank of the U.S.)

U.S. exporters may want to increase international sales, but it is difficult to evaluate the international buyers’ risks and profiles.

Strong Asian currencies may lead to new opportunities, but additional working capital is required to expand the international market.

Asian importers identify good U.S. products, but U.S. exporters refuse to extend terms for the purchase.

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Job market for MBAs

Good information for reference.


Bidding wars in LA for luxury homes.


A quick action is recommended if you are interested in buying a luxury home in LA.Please see some listings:


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Nice houses in Sunset Strip – Hollywood Hills West

What nice houses in Sunset Strip – Hollywood Hills West! $1-3 million range with multiple choices.


Single Family Houses: Sunset Plaza Dr., Los Angeles

Nice view, character, unique lifestyles …… if you like those words, you will probably like the houses on Sunset Plaza Dr.


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